The brief asked for 10 background designs that will be used for packaging at the Kit Kat Chocolatory which is based in Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, Victoria, Australia.
There are 5 x 'Australian/Melbourne' themed designs, 3 x 'celebration' themed designs and 2 x my own design.
This is what designs I came up with, using lots of vibrant colours that would attract the consumers to chose these designs for the chocolate boxes.

Year: 2017




Sweet tooth soft drink

This assignment was a part of year two of my university degree at La Trobe. 

The brief asked for soft drink labels to be designed that would encourage people not to drink and drive but to also feel comfortable drink this on a night out at a bar, pub or nightclub venue. 

Year: 2013


white orchard cider + package

This assignment required the designer to create and brand a design of their choice. 

I chose to design White Orchard Cider, the logo, labelling and carry-holder design. 

The cider has six different flavours, so each label had to be designed seperately, although the design should be corporate. 

A pitch document, marketing, advertisments and report had to be completed for this assignment as well. 

Year: 2014


A commemorative wine display had to be designed. I chose Hitachi Trains, the end of an era of the longest running metro trains in Melbourne, Australia. 

Displayed to the right is the point of sale, the wine box and the advertisment (which also shows the wine bottle designs. 

Year: 2014


Bathox bath foam & shower gel

The brief was very broad for this assignment. I got to choose a product and completely rebrand it, this included the logo design, labelling and package design of the product. 

Advetisments were also created. 

Year: 2014