Pawz Ink treats brochure

Pawz Ink is a pet groomers shop located in Berwick; Nicole (the owner) approached me asking to design a brochure that shows off their product choices from pet treats, shampoo and conditioners, calming candles, pet wipes and toys.  Nicole allowed me to design the page layout however I wished, as long as the necessary content was displayed.  I chose to use the colour pink throughout the brochure because I thought it'd look quite nice seeing as the companies logo is pink as well!

Year: 2016








A magazine layout for Sunday Style was designed with an article of my choice. This assignment required myself to go and take photographs of the chosen topic and write an article. I chose laneways and arcades in Melbourne, Australia. 

Year: 2014








mocha leaf cafe style guide

Displayed to the right and on the following page is the style guide I designed for Mocha Leaf Cafe. 

I chose to keep the design minimal, only using two primary colours for the header and body text throughout the style guide. The style guide contains detailed information on the logo design, components, technicality, typography, colour schemes, how the logo should be displayed correctly on images and what colours it should be displayed in, stationery, packaging, signage, uniform, vehicles and promotional items. 

Year: 2014






white orchard cider report

As a part of the ‘White Orchard Cider’ assignment, a report booklet had to be designed and printed for the client to see the indepth work that was put into the creation of the design. The booklet included information about inspiration of concepts of similar cider companies advertisments and logo designs. 

The booklet also contained detailed information on advertising and marketing schemes and how the product is displayed together as a finished piece. 

Year: 2014





ironlak sixteen page booklet

Sixteen page booklet based on the Ironlak Family, which is a team of graffiti artists from all around the world who are sponsored by Ironlak. The booklet displays infomation on the selected graffiti artist and photographs of their work whether its illustration or paint based. 

Year: 2014